Antenatal Exercise

Exercising during pregnancy can be beneficial to both Mum & Baby, however certain activities need to be adapted to make them suitable. The majority of our classes are suitable for pregnant Mums. Our instructors are qualified in Antenatal Exercise & should be informed as soon as you know you are pregnant.

(Any information will be treated confidentially)

Please note Fitness Pilates is not suitable for expectant Mothers unless they have been attending the classes regularly prior to being pregnant.

Alternatively if you would like an exercise plan tailored specifically for you throughout your pregnancy then a 1-2-1 program maybe for you.

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Advantages of Moderate Exercise in Pregnancy:

Movement Increases Placenta Growth

Mother & baby’s circulation are inter-related through the placenta so anything affecting mothers circulation ​can effect the fetus

Less Backache, improved posture & a reduction in pregnancy symptoms i.e., constipation, varicose veins & leg cramps

A faster post natal recovery

Control of excess weight gain & enhanced psychological well being

Better circulation

Improved sleep patterns

Enhanced self image & confidence

Increased body awareness

Some effect on Mothers ability to cope with labour, child birth & post natal recovery.

Studies have shown regular exercisers tend to have lower rates of complications during birth & shorter periods of labour.

A beneficial effect on the course & outcome of labour

Some studies even suggest movement during pregnancy

aids brain development (in baby!)


It is not advisable to exercise if you have experienced any of the following:

  • A history of 3 or more miscarriages
  • Pre– term Ruptured Membranes
  • Premature labour during current pregnancy
  • Persistent 2 or 3 trimester bleeding (Spotting is common during 1 trimester)
  • Multiple pregnancies at risk of premature labour. It is ok with twins however be aware that everything will happen sooner
  • Incompetent cervix – if the cervix does not close completely there is a risk of premature labour. In some cases the cervix is stitched, however exercise is still not advisable
  • Placenta Previa – the placenta sits low & so is at a risk of rupturing
  • Pregnancy induced hypertension (high blood pressure)
  • Pulmonary hypertension or heart disease
  • Poor foetal growth
  • Extremely underweight or overweight
  • Severe Anaemia