Class Protocol

Please make every effort to arrive at class on time.

For your own health & safety it is very important that you are there for the warm up.

Participation of late comers will be at the discretion of your instructor.

Please inform your instructor of any injury​ or illness you may be suffering from or anything else they need to be aware of.

It is unsafe to leave class without a cool down/stretch.

If for some reason you will need to leave class early please inform your instructor who can give you advice on additional exercises, stretching or any information you may miss.

Please wear comfortable/ appropriate clothing for your class. Pilates & Yoga does not require specific footwear. You can practice in socks or with bare feet

While every effort is made to get the room temperature just right for your class, we recommend you bring some warmer clothing for the cool down, stretch & relaxation.

A mat & additional equipment is provided for you, however in busy classes should you wish to have 2 mats it may be necessary to provide your own.

Please ensure you are well hydrated before & during your class, please bring water with you.

Out of consideration for your fellow classmates, please ensure mobile phones are either switched off or on silent for the duration of the class.